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About Us

CenPRIS is Malaysia oldest policy research centre, serving as the focus of the University's efforts in consultancy services, research and graduate supervision related to public policy and international studies. It was established in 2007 from the amalgamation of two existing research centres: the Centre for Policy Research (CPR), which was established in 1974, and the Centre for International Studies (CIS), which was established in 2004. With the amalgamation, in the context of globalization and Malaysia being a highly open economy, the public policy aspect will also now have an international dimension to it. With the amalgamation, nation building, which is the niche area of the Centre, will have both domestic and international perspectives.

The Centre's graduate studies programme prepares candidates for scholarly and leadership roles in government, universities, research organisations, and other settings where knowledge and research skills in public policy and international studies are needed. The programme is committed to accomplishing this mission by creating an intellectually vibrant atmosphere for scholarship involving an active faculty from a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and extensive interaction with government agencies and community groups. CenPRIS welcomes graduate students to pursue Masters and Ph. D. study programmes by research in the focus areas.